Moose Charities, Inc., a nonprofit fund raising organization. We are nonprofit charity devoted to helping children in need by raising funds for Mooseheart, Illinois and the senior citizen home community of Moosehaven. We are a 501(c)(3) organization.
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Defending Circle Society

Recognizing Planned or Deferred Gifts:


Includes donors who create gifts such as bequests (via will, estate, retirement plan), various types of trusts, charitable gift annuities, and life insurance.  To join, simply send written notification of your intentions to
Defending Circle Society
c/o Moose Charities
155 S International Dr.
Mooseheart, IL 60539-1100

A distinctive "Defending Circle Society" lapel pin has been created to appropriately recognize Defending Circle Society members.  Defending Circle Society members will be recognized with a perpetual memorial listing in the Moose Charities Annual Report.


Leave a legacy for future generations…

Thank you

Defending Circle Society

Abrams, Arthur
Arlington, Charles
Bosworth, Donald R.
Boyles, Lori V.
Brocato, William & Suzanne
Carter, Laury A.
Casazza, John
Casper, Robert T.
Cox, Robert S.
Dickerson, Brian & Diane
Downing, Vaughn R.
Eager, James F.
Eggers, David J.
Erlandson, Ruth
Fanslow, Thomas & Janelle
Fisher, David J.
Gottlof, James B.
Green, John E.
Greenaway, David & Claire
Hadden, L. Hank
Hall, Lee
Headford, Joyce
Hiland, Donald E.
Hinkle, Evelyn M.
Hughes, Charles E.
Hughes, Ben
Hundven, Kirk & Shirley
Kirk & Shirley Hundven
Isom, Robert & Christine
Klopmeyer, Robert
Korn, Richard C.
Lee, Roberta R.
Liska, Frank A.


Little, Helen G.
Loftus, Dennis W.
Lohr, Donald W.
Lowe, Michele T.
Lubin, Casimir & Norma
Magee, Joseph & Evelyn
McCoy, Shirley
Miller, Jerry & Leanna
Moore, Gary & Patricia
Morgan, Richard E.
Nutter, Frank & Christine
Pathel, Eugene & Phyllis
Perry, Christopher & Libby
Rapp, Janice L.
Raymond, John G.
Richter, R D.
Sabo, Frank
Shappell, Mark
Small, Donald J.
Smith, Carolyn
Soltis, David & Sandra
Speaks, Stephen P.
Spingler Sr., Robert & Barbara
Sprague, David L.
Stephan, Ann
Thompson, Glen & Sandy
Tilton, Judy
Vanfleet, Bradley L.
Vest, Teresa
Whitley, Vickie C.
Wilacky, Donald
Wilson, Raymond M.
Yackley, Thomas & BeckySue


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